Testimonial from Nirvana and Patrick

“We know it sounds cheesy but it is so hard to put into words the joy and gratitude we feel for Dominic (and his lovely assistant Maky) for the amazing job he did shooting our wedding day and making it extra special.

It is really important to have a photographer that you connect with and one that draws you to their style and we had that instantly with Dominic. From the moment we crossed his work at a wedding fair in the very early days of wedding planning, we knew we had to have him shoot our wedding day and held every limb and appendage crossed whilst he checked his schedule! Lucky for us, he had our date free and we have never looked back since.

You will know by looking at Dominic’s work that he captures very candid and beautiful snaps in such a way that can only be described as truly elegant, but you will never really know just how well he does this until the day he sends that breath-taking sneak-peek link to you or the full album of your big day. What he does is nothing short of magic!

It is important to note that we are a very camera-shy and anti-spotlight couple (although I think Dominic will disagree with this now!) and were extremely worried about being the centre of attention, especially having 2 cameras in our faces – but we really shouldn’t have been worried at all. Both Dominic and Maky were so unobtrusive you could hardly tell they were there, yet somehow they were everywhere and managed to capture moments we didn’t even know they were part of! It really helped having such a warm, friendly and funny photographer and one that is so easy to get on with as it made us feel super comfortable around them and all of our guests echoed this opinion as well.

Dominic and Maky worked tirelessly from the morning of our wedding to very late in the evening snapping away constantly and all the while made what they do seem so effortless and like nothing was too much trouble. Dominic even sent over our sneak-peek photos at 1.30am after having stayed into the late evening to capture the perfect sunset and sparkler shots for us – is there anything he can’t do?! We then received our album in lightning speed, although at no detriment to the quality or selection (this was no mean feat as he had thousands of photos to go through, select and fine tune!) and in our opinion, this says so much about Dominic’s work ethic and character. Going through the photos he had taken was so special for us – we could 100% feel the love, laughter and happiness in each and every shot and it was as if we were reliving the day again through his camera lens, whilst feeling all the emotions of the day at the same time. Small details often overlooked or forgotten, but were essential to the success and joy of the day, were also caught and will be cherished for a lifetime.

It really shows in our photographs just how much work Dominic and Maky put into capturing every moment, and they did it perfectly – we absolutely cannot thank them enough. Dominic truly went above and beyond, and because of this our photos are everything we wanted and more. Dominic will always hold a special place in our hearts and when the time comes, there will be no one else we would rather take our baby photos!

So if you were uhm-ing and ahh-ing about booking Dominic Smith Photography for your big day, then you really needn’t look any further. We wholeheartedly recommend Dominic to you – he has all the greatest qualities you could ask for in a photographer: competitive prices, responsiveness, understanding, the ability to be in 15 places at once, a keen eye, a positive attitude, assertiveness and last but not least a WICKED sense of humour. The only thing we are unhappy about is the fact we are no longer working with him!” – Nirvana and Patrick


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