USB upgrade for wedding packages.

There has been a trend amongst photographers recently to use USB memory sticks instead of DVD media to present images as part of wedding photography but this posed a challenge for me.

We are all used to memory sticks and many people use them every day, coming in every shape and size they have become a functional item that just gets thrown in a bag when leaving the workplace at night. The challenge for me has been trying to find something that can throw off this image of a mundane item, something that truly represents the importance of the images contained within.

I have spent the last few months investigating products from various companies and employing various methods to present a simple memory stick.

Approach 1) Purchase off the shelf memory sticks with a custom case.
This approach was instantly dismissed due to a standard memory stick just not being special enough for such an important occasion.

Approach 2) Purchase custom designed memory sticks.
Google custom memory sticks and you will see hundreds of companies that will produce a memory stick to your exact specification, usually as long as you order 25 or 50 of them. This approach didn’t suit me, a wedding is a unique experience and a generic memory stick would lessen this fact.

In the end the ideal product fell into my inbox from a company I frequently use to print the wedding albums themselves.

Wooden USB Memory Stick
A sample upgrade for my wedding clients

This is a wooden memory stick which is laser etched with a simple message such as the date of your wedding or your names. Whilst this means a slightly longer lead time due to the custom nature of the product the end result is much more personal. What really sold it to me however is the way that it is presented.

Wooden USB Presentation Pack
A sample of my Wooden USB Presentation packs including the 20 mounted prints


The memory stick is stored in a matching wooden display case. The case features the same laser etched message on the lid as the memory stick itself and included are 20 6×4” mounted prints which can be chosen by the bride and groom from all of the images of their day.

I feel this is a beautiful way of keeping your memories safe and is something that you will want to open time and again.

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